Meet aycan at ECR 2018

Structured Reporting with aycan workstation

Structured Reporting with aycan workstation

aycan will present our current solutions for medical practices and clinics at this year's ECR (European Congress of Radiology) in Vienna. The highlight of our PACS workflow is the current version of aycan workstation. Experience live on site:

Structured Reporting: Standardized templates are automatically populated with patient data from the current study. Measurements and key images can be conveniently transferred to the PDF report. In addition to the default templates, aycan also offers the option to create individualized reports with your own logo and design.

Efficient Prostate Evaluation: Radiologists are increasingly opting for an mpMRT examination to assess carcinoma of the prostate. The ayDCE plugin offers evaluation of dynamic MRI / CT series, with hanging protocols for quickly changing view layouts, and color overlays to highlight contrast agent dynamics.

Your benefits:
  • Structured reporting integrates measurements and key images
  • Reports conform according to standard classifications (PI-RADS, BI-RADS, ...)
  • Time savings for evaluation of multiparametric MRIs

We look forward to you visiting us at ECR Booth 411 (Foyer Expo X4). There we will provide you with practical pocket cards for various guidelines. The cards are specially coated and sized to fit into a doctor's pocket.

Learn more about aycan workstation

The high performance multi-modality post-processing workstation for your PACS.

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Structured Reporting in aycan workstation
  • Adopt Key Images and measured values
  • Set markers
  • Calculate scores


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ayDCE Demo video

Prostate MRI – Multiparametric evaluation.

Demo video