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Here is what our customers are saying

TriVascular Inc.

"The OsiriX Pro software enables us to quickly assess CT data to identify the appropriate stent graft recommendation for treatment of aortic abdominal aneurysms. The new ayVessel plug-in streamlines this process even more."

Meredith Huetter, Senior Director, Global Marketing and Education

Advanced Rheumatology Center

"I couldn't be more satisfied with aycan’s eagerness to research and try creative solutions for us; it's downright refreshing, considering our past painful experiences with reluctant technicians, disinterested in learning or helping."

Marc J. Hirsh, MD, FACP, Radiologist

Dr. Karl Schnabel

"The outstanding performance of aycan at the workstation Face Off in Garmisch-Partenkirchen is reflective of our long partnership. Excellent products with an unbeatable service."

Dr. Karl Schnabel, Radiologist – Imaging center and group practice for radiology and nuclear medicine, Muehlacker, Germany

Dr. Thomas C. Miller

"aycan presented a refined gourmet menu with a fresh breeze of humor by the chef himself compared to the generic bland cafeteria food of the others. Bravo to aycan for this masterpiece in performance. All this without the shock of the usually expensive bill."

Dr. Thomas C. Miller, Radiologist – MainRadiologie, site Kitzingen, Germany

Dr. Ralf Wutke

"As the bar of the Face Off was very high, several major brands threw in the towel by not showing up. As a user of OsiriX PRO I was very anxious to see the comparison with the larger brands, and was not disappointed at all by OsiriX PRO’s performance: a convincing performance, precise and reproducible results. The only performance to receive spontaneous applause. Due to its intuitive design, one can use OsiriX PRO very easily without the need to go through large manuals."

Dr. Ralf Wutke, Radiologist – Radiology Group Practice, Sonneberg, Germany

Dr. Michael Schubert

"With OsiriX PRO, I can very quickly stack through images, easily import CDs, and pull up prior images for comparison of progress reports—no other software can do this so elegantly and fast."

Michael Schubert, Radiologist

Frederick Memorial Hospital

"It is truly a pleasure to work with you and all of the aycan staff members that have assisted us over these past many years we have been using aycan as our DICOM print solution."

Brian Petrie, PACS Administrator

Sparrow Health System

"Our aycan systems are reliable, produce very consistent images and they are reducing our costs."

John Sherman, PACS manager

Parkland Health

"There is no product I know of in the medical field where you can get a return on investment so quickly."

Todd Brooks, Administrative Director

Tri-State Imaging Consultants

"The experience of working with aycan exceeded our expectations from day one."

Julie Cassidy, B.S.R.T, Operation Manager

Radiology Group P.C.

"We have reduced our film expenses from $ 7,500 a month to $ 650 a month."

Mike Bohl, Administrator

AnMed Health

"With its low cost of operation and zero problem, aycan is doing a great job for us."

Tim Catoe, PACS Manager

Rural Radiology Consultants

"I have been through 3 other PACS planning and installation projects in the past, and the installation of aycan was an absolute joy. The best job I could have ever expected. I look forward to making Osirix/aycan the best PACS at a tenth of the cost of the big companies"

Dr. Hilton Bakker, Radiologist

Eastern Maine Med Ctr

"The aycan system is totally reliable. It works all day, every day."

Sue Dow, Diagnostic Coordinator of Medical Imaging

Iowa Health System

"As soon as you can, implement the aycan solution, do it! The savings are huge. Once they give the aycan solution a try, our doctor never let go of it."

Michael Vaux, PACS System Administrator

Conroe Regional Med Ctr

"Right from the start, the transition of the aycan solution has been a phenomenal experience."

Barbara Laing, Director of Medical Imaging

Stillwater Medical Center

"The sales and technical people are intelligent, courteous and they deliver on everything they promise. The aycan staff always provided us with answers to our questions quickly, and we always dealt with the same people from the beginning to end of the process. I love that."

Shelly McSparrin, Supervisor of X-Ray, CT, and MRI

Mission Hospital

"A lot of vendors can learn from aycan on how to do business. I have done a lot of projects like this during my 12 year tenure in IT and this was one of the smoothest and best experiences that I have had."

Chris Devera, PACS Administrator/System Engineer

Mount Sinai Medical Center

"aycan's in depth knowledge of networking, IPSec VPNs and OS X made this VPN setup the easiest I've ever had to work on... "

Rafael Rodriguez, Sr. Network Engineer