aycan xray-print cost savings

From start to finish–processing, handing, mailing, and archiving–working with film is expensive. Paper is extremely cost effective. Substitute paper for film and you can:

  • Share images with minimal expense
  • Two network connection points near the aycan xray-printServer and the Xerox printer
  • Easily integrate images into patient records for archiving and future reference
  • Reduce labor costs associated with tracking, filing, and transporting film
  • Keep your valuable film originals safe and secure


 Cost Analysis

aycan xray-print Value Calculator

aycan's Value Calculator tool demonstrates the potential savings of printing high quality medical images using aycan's DICOM paper-print solution. Based on the input you provide, the value calculator returns a detailed cost analysis that calculates your current film (and associated) costs, and details the cost savings of transitioning to aycan xray-print



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