Your benefits with aycan xray-print

Reliability you can count on

Since its introduction in 1996, aycan xray-print has been a leader in DICOM paper printing with over 2,000 customers worldwide. This proven technology, combined with aycan's industry leading, immediate, live customer service and support, is reliability you can count on for maximum uptime and quality.


Environmentally safe

Because aycan xray-print reduces the need for chemical-based film processing and equipment, and because the printouts can be shredded and recycled, it will have a positive impact on the environment.


Immediate, live, customer service and support

As part of our commitment to achieving 100% customer satisfaction, aycan offers customers immediate live remote service and support. A dedicated and qualified technical team is there to help resolve any issues that may arise with an aycan solution. This includes working with other third party vendors as necessary.




aycan xray-print's point and click technology, combined with superb image quality and low cost, make it the ideal solution for printing, annotating, sharing, and storing radiological images with key benefits that include:

  • Reduce film costs by 90%
  • Near film quality prints for non-diagnostic use
  • Improved communication with referring physicians and patients
  • Simplified workflow
  • Reduced environmental impact
  • Higher acceptance than CDs among referring physicians
  • No learning curve



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