aycan store (PACS)

RIS/HIS Integration

Vendor neutral for easy integration; scalable to meet current and future needs

When a Radiology Information Systems (RIS)/Hospital Information System (HIS) is acquired, or standards and volume needs change, radiology departments are often forced to go with a new PACS as well — with aycan store, you don’t have to.

Vendor neutral aycan store can integrate with just about any current RIS or HIS system with migratable data. And, as aycan store is easily upgradeable, it can meet current and future standards (such as DICOM) and volume needs.

aycan integration and data migration services

Should you need it, aycan offers custom integration and data migration services performed by our experienced and dedicated technical team. aycan will meet with you and third party vendors to plan out the integration and manage it so your transition goes smoothly.

aycan and medQ’s integrated RIS/PACS

Working with partner company medQ, a leader in radiology information technology and service solutions, aycan can deliver and install a fully integrated digital imaging and patient management system. The joint solution is comprised of medQ’s RIS customizable enterprise software, and aycan store (PACS). medQ and aycan can also provide ongoing service and support.

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