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aycan store

A cost effective and powerful DICOM archive

With more than fifteen years of extensive experience in long-term archiving of medical image data, aycan offers aycan store, a scalable, high performance DICOM archiving and distribution system, which can be accessed on-site or optionally through our off-site data center. From simple to complex workflows in imaging centers, hospitals, and Teleradiology service companies, aycan store can improve the workflow in any environment.  

Tailored to meet your needs

aycan's consulting team meets with you to develop a customized solution to fit into your current or future IT/PACS and RIS environment and workflow.  

Vendor neutral for easy integration

aycan store is at home in any environment. It seamlessly integrates with RIS and other patient management systems. The Import Module assures reliable legacy data migration. And, its open architecture makes it compatible with most 3rd party vendors. Uncompromising DICOM compatibility aycan storesupports most Radiology compatibility standards, so it can seamlessly integrate into your current environment and with all your DICOM nodes. Once integrated, you'll stay in control of your data as it is all stored in a vendor neutral DICOM format.  

Improved workflow and security

aycan store's unique features allow you to improve productivity without compromising security. Configuring aycan store's auto-routing feature will streamline your workflow by automatically transferring your DICOM data to any desired location. And with industry-standard VPN encryption methods, aycan storekeeps your data traffic secure at all times. aycan also offers optional off-site data storage, so you can safely backup your data for disaster recovery and other applications. 

Turnkey installation

aycan will thoroughly plan and prepare for the install before arriving on-site, so you are ensured of a smooth and timely installation.  

Ready for the future

aycan store's RAID System is engineered for performance and scalability, so no matter how quickly your data grows, aycan storecan grow with you and provide the performance you need. With aycan store, there is no need to migrate your data when you are ready to expand. And with native JPEG-lossless compression, you get end-to-end speed, without the wait.