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aycan OsiriX PRO

A Mac-based multi-modality workstation for post-processing and primary diagnosis

Today's increasing volume of image data requires high-performance workstations that allow multi-planar imaging and manipulation–introducing aycan OsiriX PRO, an advanced image-processing tool and DICOM PACS workstation for conventional, multi-slice and other image reading. With the most robust feature set on the market, the FDA cleared aycan OsiriX PRO offers high performance at a great value.  

FDA clearance, integration, service, concurrent licensing and other advantages 

aycan OsiriX PRO provides numerous advantages over open source and other commercial versions of aycan OsiriX PRO including FDA 510(k) clearance, which ensures full conformity with existing regulations. And by following ISO 13485 standards, this re-engineered software and all of its certified plug-ins are of the highest quality. With aycan OsiriX PRO, you also get a detailed user manual, and optional concurrent licensing. Plus, only aycan offers training and integration services, and immediate, live, customer support. When you consider all the benefits and cost savings from these added features and services, you'll agree aycan OsiriX PRO provides the best overall value.

Vendor neutral DICOM system for easy integration, expansion, and stability

Fully compliant with DICOM 3.0 standards, aycan OsiriX PRO can easily integrate into any DICOM workflow, or stand-alone. Either way, its complete plug-in architecture allows for easy expansion of capabilities. In fact, aycan continually develops certified clinical and workflow plug-ins to further enhance the workstation's possibilities. And because aycan OsiriX PRO is built on Macintosh's operating system, everything runs on an extremely stable platform.

2D, 3D, 4D and 5D capabilities make processing and diagnosis easy

aycan OsiriX PRO's unique design for navigation and visualization of multi-modality and multi-dimensional images makes post-processing and primary diagnosis easy. The 3D Viewer allows for all current rendering modes (including MPR and MIP), and the 4 and 5D image manipulation and modeling capability allow temporal and functional dimensions to be added. aycan OsiriX PRO also enables image fusion between two different series.

Ultra fast system that’s easy to use

Extremely fast image upload and processing times create a real-time workflow and eliminate the need for time-consuming pre-processing. You'll also pick up speed with an easy to use interactive user-interface, and a CD import function that automatically extracts and directly imports DICOM information into the aycan OsiriX PRO database.  This capability also prevents pre-loaded viewers from running, which means only one workstation is needed for viewing. And, burning CDs is easy–you can anonymize studies, add HTML/QuickTime images and associated reports, and include a DICOM viewer for non-Mac workstation viewing.