aycan OsiriX PRO Applications

Designed for Specific Needs

With vendor neutral solutions for archiving, viewing, and printing medical images and information, aycan’s solutions are at home in any field of medicine and environment, large or small.

Read below how aycan OsiriX PRO, with its tools for general diagnostic reading and advanced post-processing, plus certified plug-ins is beneficial in your area:

3D Volume Rendering

Comparison with Priors

Image Fusion

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Film Digitizer

Film Digitizer

5 Megapixel-Monitors

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5D Viewer

Image Fusion for PET-CT and PET-MRI

Video Turorial

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Optimized diagnostic workflow

FusionSync Plug-In

Recist Plug-In

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Secure and encrypted transmission and storage of images

aycan mobile Teleradiology iPad app

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Visualization options

Advantages for vascular surgeons

Sample Videos

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More applications for aycan OsiriX PRO

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